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Put Your Life Into Focus

Personalized Coaching Services with Molly Whalen

Inner Circle Club

Small Group Coaching

Inner Circle Club is for women who are ready to bring forth their dreams and visions.  Sisterhood is the secret recipe to being the biggest, brightest version of you.  We cannot become ourselves by ourselves.  The quickest and strongest Transformational Work is Manifested through a community of women who are Power Partners. ​It's extremely difficult to manifest and have profound transformations when you are isolated and alone.  ​But, if you give yourself the gift of being surrounded by other women who believe in you and believe you can have what you want and support and encourage you in going for it, a new world opens up. What once seemed impossible becomes possible. 

Sisterhood is a game-changer. It's what allows you to create powerful changes in your life. 


And that's why the Inner Circle Club is so powerful. 

Are you ready to have radical transformation?  Apply Now for my signature 7-week Inner Circle Club.

4 Sessions

Personalized Coaching

I've helped my clients break through the obstacles that hold them back in life.  Life is too short to be unhappy, unsure or unfulfilled.  I am here to help YOU achieve a more positive outlook on life, to come alive, move towards your deepest desires, live in a state of joy and freedom.


 If you are ready, truly ready to step into your Brilliance, reach your dreams; I will stand with you to learn how to step into possibility, break-free of what doesn't serve you, and become the woman you've always meant to be.  

Evening Series

Monthly Women Circles

What Makes the Evening Series So Powerful?

Being able to connecting to your true self by tapping into your inner guidance system.  Having a transformative experience that empowers you to find your path and create the life you desire.


You will learn

How to harness your Inner Wisdom with those around you experiencing what it is like to be amplified, seen, and heard. Rising the waters for all of us who are on a path to create the life we desire while becoming fully ourselves.


These Evening Series is where LIVES ARE FOREVER CHANGED


You’ll discover how to manifest your true passions breaking-free of choices that

may hold you back playing a smaller game. Your Inner Wisdom is the pathway to be fully present, to live authentically, to express yourself appreciating your unique gifts that you bring to this world.  Imagine an Evening where you can share your passion in life while holding presence for others as they share theirs. Stepping into new possibilities towards your true desire.

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