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What Is Your True Passion?

How many times have we wondered what our true purpose is and more importantly how to align our passions with our purpose.

If you are struggling to find your purpose, your passion or clarity around them, I invite you to think about the following questions, taking time to journal your answers. If you find yourself hung up on the how, notice how that maybe a reason to play a smaller game. I challenge you to set aside needing to know the answers and let creativity and possibility flow.


Who do you know yourself to be when you feel most like yourself?

Who are you when you are loving courageously?

Who are you when you giving your gifts and genius?


What do you most love to do?

When are you at your best?

What are you doing when you’re at your best?

What are the things that create the most value for others?


What are the two or more things you do that make you the happiest, lights you up, inspires you to do more?


When you look at your answers, do you see what you have to offer to yourself, those you love and those you are connected to. Your desires, passions, dreams are what make you, well, you. Your gifts are important and the biggest question to ask yourself, if now is not the time to bringforth your unique gifts, when will it be?

I have found from my coaching practice that it is very difficult to self-actualiza on your own. This is why I have created personal development programs, monthly Evening Series programs and my signature 7-week Inner Circle Club to help those who are on a path of self-actualizing and are tired of feeling that their dreams and desires are just out of reach.

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