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SpaceX Rocket Explodes, Yet It Is Still A Success

The powerful new SpaceX Rocket explodes on its first test flight 4/20/2023. Imaginable time, effort, resources, money; exploding a few moments after liftoff and it is considered a success. Experts state that the uncrewed test will give engineers crucial insight on what worked and what didn't.

Why does this matter?

In a world where many of us feel that it isn't safe to fail this example is monumental for a mindset shift. Consider how many of us play a smaller game, where

we don't stretch beyond our comfort zone, that we may fear charging what we truly are worth, fear of becoming isolated as we advance in our lives, concerns over how we are perceived by the outside world. Leaving many of us feeling as though we are not seen for

our gifts and talents. That we are isolated. That we give and give and still it isn't enough. That we don't have the resources - time, money to achieve what is truly in our hearts.

What if those of us who play a smaller game, stretched as these engineers did? What could we accomplish? What if we fail? What if we fail, learn from our mistakes and course correct? What is possible? What if we could be brilliant and imperfect as these engineers have demonstrated? Where could you be?

Are your dreams and visions possible when it's okay to fail and course correct?

If not now.....then when?

Can you feel the possibility open, know that you are a powerful creator, and with time, effort, course correction, that anything is possible...even your wildest dreams?

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